Article Backlog

I have a lot of ideas for articles but don’t have time to work on them all. Here are all the articles I want to write but haven’t had the time yet

  • Analysis of Winning Fantasy Football Teams
    • Acquiring data as we speak, preliminary results show¬†Yahoo Draft Position vs Sesaon Points
    • I want to expand on this and get data from 2007-2016 ready by 8/20
    • Also, I want to determine if autopicker is better than most people just like how etf’s outperform most money managers
  • Replicating Youtube’s recommender engine and making it better through page rank
    • Interactive graph visualization to help you explore new domains like music in spanish
    • Pure analysis using the recommender engine I develop
    • May lead to a new browser control system (chromium fork) that allows you to explore the web in the way I think is proper
  • Data Scraping Guide
    • Sequence of web posts that I compile into a guide and eventual e-book
  • FiveThirtyEight data dump
    • Show how to scrape interactive visualizations
    • Backtest Nate Silver against the spread and publish an imperative definition of his algorithms like I did for the NBA.
  • Conditional Probability
    • Basic explanation of the concept in how it relates to decision making
    • Itemset analysis of Daily Fantasy Lineups
    • Interactive visualization of player ownership itemsets for daily fantasy
  • Personal Notification Service
    • I’ve created a chatbot that tells me when the train is and sends my my picks for different games.
    • I want to extend this into a library/howto that shows you how to send emails and texts programmatically
    • Evaluate AWS Lex
  • Analysis of mean reversion and how it affects ownership of fantasy players
  • Article on gambler’s ruin and different betting/position sizing strategies
  • Publish an NBA Strength of Schedule + stats model for picking teams
    • Potentially publish against the spread version as well
  • The leading case against the Standard Model of Physics and the Copenhagen interpretation– Bohmian mechanics
    • Would inspire another article detailing the problem of the status quo incentives in physics research.

Let me know if you want me to work on something

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